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F.K.U. "The Horror And The Metal" (Japan Edition + obi +CD-R)

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Special CD-R included. Two live tracks from "Japanese Assault Fest 2017" (T.B.A.) *The first special CD-R will end as soon as it is gone. Band: F.K.U. Title: The Horror And The Metal Country: Sweden Genre: Thrash Metal Release Label: Spiritual Beast Format: CD -Jewel Case MPN: IUCP-16366 Track List: 1. The Horror And The Metal 2. (He Is) The Antichrist 3. The Spawning 4. Don’t Have To Go To Texas 5. Harvester Of Horror 6. Deep Cuts 7. They Are 237 8. Bringing Back the Dead 9. Some Kind Of Mosher 10. You Are Who You Eat + 1 Bonus Track (Japan Edition Only) 11. Body Hammer F.K.U. Biography: https://spiritual-beast.com/artists/f-k-u/

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