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KRAMP "Gods Of Death" (Japan Edition + obi)

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※Pins-sold out Band: KRAMP Title: Gods Of Death Country: Spain Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Release Label: Spiritual Beast Format: CD -Jewel Case Limited: 400 Limited edition MPN: IUCP-16334 Track List: 1. Underground Rebellion 2. Night Witches 3. End Of The World 4. Deorum Mortem 5. Gods Of Death 6. Dare To Face Fear 7. Assault 8. Speed Of Light 9. Walkyrie 10. Leather Warrior 11. Preserved In Time 【+2 Japan Bonus Track*】 12. Ruins Of War (Demo)* 13. Child Of The Damned* KRAMP Biography: http://spiritual-beast.com/artists/kramp/

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