Welcome to SPIRITUAL BEAST official online shop! ※This shop cannot ship for Japan※ =Shopping Guide= <How to Purchase> 1. Select products and added to the cart. Products and shipping costs are all in Japanese Yen. Also this price will tax free. 2. Open inside the cart and proceed for the payment. You can choose payment from credit card and paypal. 3. Shipping costs will be automatically calculated (by country) and send an confirmation and purchase tracking number from shop@spiritual-beast.com within 3 days from your order. *Attention* Please note that we do not accept any return / refund / exchange for our product(s). We only accept if any damage has occurred. If you have any support, please contact from Shop@spiritual-beast.com *Shipping* ※In some countries, the shipping cost has risen temporarily due to Covid-19.※ *USA / CANADA / RUSSIA / AUSTRALIA / GREECE / INDIA / BRAZIL / COSTA RICA, etc. (Because Japan Post's EMS, which uses civilian aircraft, can’t be ship to these countries now. Therefore, we use UPS for these countries.) And the situation is constantly changing always. When ordering, please take these things into consideration and investigate before ordering. All the product(s) will have tracking number and the number will be included in the confirmation email. Shipping costs has been set by item. For example: Patch: 570 JPY CD: 850 JPY Vinyl: 1,400 JPY T-shirt: 1,400 JPY And shipping costs will be added for each item. For example: You buy 1 CD + 1 CD => 1,700 JPY You buy 1 CD + 1 Vinyl => 2,250 JPY You buy 1 Vinyl + 1 T-shirt => 2,800 JPY You buy 1 Vinyl + 1 T-shirt + 1CD => 3,650 JPY *Shipping costs will be added up to 3,500 JPY. To sum up, 1 Vinyl + 1 T-shirt + 1CD => 3,500 JPY *And free shipping for orders over 30,000 JPY. International orders should generally allow 7-10 days for delivery from the date it was shipped. Please note depending on the country of residence, some countries may not be able to ship due to international situation. If you need support for the other shipping options, feel free to contact us. Shipping fee does not include custom fee for each country. If you have these charges on your package by the time of receiving the products, please pay the this fee on your own. 《Email registration》 Automatic confirmation will be sent if you order from the website. Please note if you could not receive any email confirmation from us, it may be in the spam folder. Please check spam folder if you could not receive our email in your inbox. If you need any help, please contact us from the contact form.